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Private Event @ Legacy Ale Works

I was asked the other day what some of the benefits were of becoming a LegacyMaker. I admitted that we are still working out all the details of the full offering - I mean, we want it to be epic, but one of my favorite benefits are the private events offered ONLY to our LegacyMakers.

Tuesday, we held our second Private Event at the brewery. The invited members were offered a delectable spread provided by local caterer, Hottie Dawgs and desserts by Amaretti Bakery, our neighbor in the Shoppes at Durbin Creek Plaza.

The beers offered at the event included our Project Pilsner - a light pilsner with just enough hop to satisfy the veteran craft beer drinker, but still light and welcoming to the craft newbie. Our Kitchen Sink - Version 2.0 was a single hopped pale ale made with Amarillo hops. This was a hit with the crowd that night. But our biggest hit of the night was our project Stoutweizen…

Project Stoutweizen - Photo by  Jessica Lea Photography

Project Stoutweizen - Photo by Jessica Lea Photography

Project Stoutweizen was an idea that had been brewing (pun intended) in our minds for some time. At our first tasting, we were offering our base Sweet Stout and Beachweizen. A few of our guests were merging the two beers and were commenting on how good it tasted, so we decided to make an official attempt at this new Frankenbeer. The result was a pretty solid pouring of a light bodied Stout with subtle hints of banana and bubblegum. Though we still plan on making a few minor changes to the final recipe, we were delighted at the response this first run beer received!

Brewery and Taproom Concept Board - Photo by  Jessica Lea Photography

Brewery and Taproom Concept Board - Photo by Jessica Lea Photography

We showed the guests around the newly demolished space (looks a lot different than last time!) and spoke about the plans for the layout with our newest LegacyMakers. We updated everyone on our plans for opening, which, unfortunately has been pushed to early 2019 due to issues with obtaining our building permit.

Bruer’s Small Batch Beer Jelly - Photo by  Jessica Lea Photography

Bruer’s Small Batch Beer Jelly - Photo by Jessica Lea Photography

We also teamed up with Bruer’s Small Batch Beer Jelly to create a limited release of a beer jelly made with our Kitchen Sink 2.0 Pale Ale! This tasted great on the pulled pork sliders and would definitely take your PB&J game to the next level! We have a limited number of jars still available for purchase here.

Though we will not be open to the public until then, we are looking forward to hosting at least 1 more tasting at the brewery. If you’ve thought about joining the program, now is really the time because effective October 1, we will be adjusting the entry fee to the program up to $100. Click here to find out more about the program. In the meantime, here are additional photos of the night - Photos taken by the ever-talented Jessica Lea Photography!

A Glimpse of What's to Come

You may have heard of the term LegacyMaker just a few times in the last 4 months we've been talking about the program. One of the many benefits of the program is being invited to exclusive events available only to LegacyMaker's. On June 5th we held the first one...

Legacy Ale Works Sneak Peek Pre-Construction Event

Legacy Ale Works Sneak Peek Pre-Construction Event

LegacyMakers were invited to the brewery last Tuesday for a Sneak Peek Pre-Construction event. We spoke about what we were looking for in a location, how we came upon this one, our current zoning issues and some of the plans we have for our new community. 

We also showed off the space in its current "before" condition and shared our vision for the brewery and taproom. This included conceptual renderings of the space as well as the floorplan, finishes and lighting. 

Owner Liz Jacobs discussing the plans for the upcoming Brewery & Taproom

Owner Liz Jacobs discussing the plans for the upcoming Brewery & Taproom

The event followed a casual format and guests were encouraged to ask questions, take a look around and enjoy the tasty spent-grain creations that were available. 

Owner Matt Jacobs serving up 3 new creations

Owner Matt Jacobs serving up 3 new creations

And did we mention the beer? On tap, we had 3 new beer styles for tasting and comment. All participants enjoyed sampling all 3 beers and owners of Legacy growlers went home with a complimentary growler fill of their choice: 

  • Sweet Stout Without - Don't be fooled by its dark color, this sweet stout is rich and smooth - an easy drinker. The roasted malts give it a complex aroma and a medium to full body flavor. A healthy dose of lactose was used to give it added creaminess and sweetness. We produced this Stout to act as our base and we look forward to offering different variations to keep things exciting
  • Kitchen Sink - As the name applies, we threw everything at this beer - 5 different types of hops, 2 types of yeast and 6 different types of grain. It resulted in an eclectic pale ale and we look forward to featuring it in the taproom after opening.
  • Beachweizen - our take on this popular summer favorite features hints of banana and bubblegum and not overpowering in either aspect - a simply refreshing beer perfect for these hot Florida summer days. 

So if you were wondering if there was a benefit to being a LegacyMaker - there truly is! For full program details, click here. Interested in joining in on the fun? Visit www.legacyale.com. Any contribution or purchase over $50 qualifies you for the program at no additional cost. Once you become a member, you're in for life! For additional questions, feel free to contact us with your inquiry!

Hogtown - The 2nd Year


Man, we love going to Hogtown. I mean, we L-O-V-E going to Hogtown! We were excited, yet again to have participated in the 2018 Hogtown Craft Beer Festival which took place on April 21st. It's one of the beer festivals that we hope to be personally attending every year, even after we're open and wildly successful! What a beautiful time of year in Florida and what a great group of beer lovers!


When deciding on what to make for this year's festival, we wanted to make something that was not too heavy but still had character. For our first option, we selected Rye Not a simple, but solid Rye Pale Ale. It clocked in at a respectable 7% ABV with a malty front and that distinctive Rye spice at the back. It was then balanced with the fruity esters of the English yeast and a strong (but not over-powering) 50 IBU.

Our second selection was a special offering. Liz recently earned her "Pink Boots" brewing her first beer (from recipe to final product) with a beer called "Un Poco de Piña" - A Piña Colada Cream Ale. Though she didn't win the competition, the beer was well-received by the crowd so we decided to make a few adjustments and give it another go and bring it to Hogtown! Matt took the reins on the brewing this time (he IS the pro, after all) and the result was a light-bodied fruity concoction, flavored with the essence of the Caribbean! It was infused with hints of roasted coconut and pineapple (no extracts here!). In secondary fermentation, we added additional coconut along with Rum soaked oak chips to provide added complexity to the flavor profile. 

Though both beers were well-received at Hogtown, we did not expect the wildly vocal enthusiasm we got for "Un Poco". Several commenters said that it should be one of our flagship beers, others who claimed to be "anti-fruity" were surprised at just how much they liked it! We recognized several familiar faces coming back for 2nd helpings (and even a 3rd). All-in-all we were all (Liz especially) delightfully surprised at the positive response to our beers (and the empty kegs to prove it)!

Liz & Matt Jacobs - Owners of Legacy Ale Works

Liz & Matt Jacobs - Owners of Legacy Ale Works

Once again, thank you Hogtown, for a fantastic festival - we'll see you next year!