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Make beer - Do good

My wife and I got in on the ground floor with Legacy and have been following the progress from an empty building and a dream to see it come to fruition. Tuesday February 12 was the pre opening party, and this place is amazing. Several of their own beers, a few guest taps, and a beautiful place. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, there’s a place for small children, and, most importantly, delicious beer. For the pre opening party there were 5 original beers, all of which were wonderfully crafted. Each one suits a little different taste. This isn’t a place only for IPA drinkers or sour drinkers. This is a place for everyone to enjoy.
— The Wilsons
Had the pleasure of sampling two of their beers yesterday. I think they really have something here. These beers compare favorably against the most popular taps in town and may even have an edge on drinkability.
— Rich Berges