Dining in the Dark - The Sensory Experience

Atlanta, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and now Jacksonville, Florida. For the last few years, a select group of restaurants have been experimenting with this trend.

The concept: A full 3 or 4 course dinner where the venue has removed all traces of lighting forcing patrons to rely on all other senses during their dining experience.


The reason: Our society has become so heavily reliant on our sight to determine our perception of things, often times overruling other senses based on how something looks. By removing the sense of sight, the other senses go into overdrive to compensate and the heightened experience is quite unique. Sound is sharper, texture is more defined and of course, the smells are vivid and engaging… it’s a full body experience! Even conversations with fellow patrons are more colorful and lively. It’s also a great way to quiz your ability to detect flavors and ingredients!


At Legacy, we’re always experimenting with new and creative events to offer our patrons. “This is an event I’ve been planning in my head for over a year. I’ve been so excited for it for so long, I’m thrilled to finally see it happening, and to be the first here to do it,” says Liz Jacobs co-owner of Legacy Ale Works. “Chef Sarah Copeland and I have been working on this quietly now for over 6 months and this dinner is going to be our best yet.”

How it Works: Guests will be welcomed to the brewery taproom as usual. You’ll already notice something different as we’ve covered all of our storefront windows with drapery and our taproom lights are dimmer than usual. Once seated and greeted, we’ll explain how the dinner will go and once ready, we’ll be turning off the main taproom lights (and turn on the black light). The first of four courses and beer pairings will make it’s way out to guests and all will be able to use other senses to experience the smell and taste of our mystery dinner and beers. (Sorry bloggers, you won’t be able to take photos of those delicious meals this time!) Once the dinner has concluded the lights will come back on and you will then be able to see the meal you’ve enjoyed and learn about the flavors and beers you’ve sampled that night.


About the Food: If you are worried about eating unusual ingredients like octopus, frogs legs or crickets, rest assured that this dinner is not about settling your fear over the unknown. The dinner will be constructed of commonly used ingredients but in unique ways to open your palette up to heightened flavors.

Why the black light? As our bodies are not trained for how to experience things without access to sight, the truth of the matter is… we’re clumsy. Navigating simple things like picking up a fork or taking a sip from a glass (without spilling it on ourselves) is more challenging. In some cases, it can take away from the overall experience, so we are offering the black light as a way to keep our guests comfortable while still enjoying a unique 4-course dining event. Should any guest wish to take it “next level” we will have blindfolds available, which will allow participants the opportunity to enjoy the “full sensory experience”.


Are you as excited as we are about it? CLICK HERE to secure your tickets for this event. It will take place on Tuesday November 5th at 7pm and will last approximately 2 hours. Due to the nature of the event, only a limited number of tickets will be available so you won’t want to miss the chance at this unique beer pairing dinner!

Disclaimer: Persons with allergies should contact us prior to purchasing tickets for this event.

Elizabeth Jacobs